Superior Diagnostics leads to Targeted Treatments and Faster Healing

EUCYT offers Wound Care Specialists NANOCYT Sequencing, a superior diagnostic tool over culture and PCR detection methods. Our High Complexity Laboratory extracts the DNA of all the microbes within a sample and matches those sequence codes to all 50,000+ known microbial species with a 99.9% accuracy rate. When you get precise data of the causative microbes you can have confidence in your clinical treatment plan while raising your level of care with a higher standard of antibiotic stewardship. Truly targeted antimicrobial treatments can clear the infection faster.

Wound Care Benfits

  • Our NANOCYT diagnostics sequences the codes of over 50,000 microbes to deliver accurate data for your clinical decision-making to target the species causing the infection with DNA guided certainty
  • DNA Sequencing of microbes paired with customized topical antibiotics has shown in published studies to improve heal rates from 48.5%- 90.4%

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