Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

Which medical providers are best suited to administer regenerative medical/stem cell therapies?

Licensed health care providers who are competent with Infusion therapy and joint injections, including orthopedic surgeons, internal medicine, family practice, etc.

What are the benefits of stem cell therapies for my patients?

Regenerative medicine is much safer than surgery that involves anesthesia, longer healing times and, potentially, infection. Overall, stem cell injections are safer and have a quicker healing time.

How should regenerative medicine therapies be billed to insurance?

EUCYT’s products may be covered for some procedures under global fees using the appropriate CPT code. Please consult a EUCYT reimbursement expert to correctly bill your patient’s insurance company.

What are any potential risks or complications of stem cell therapies?

As with any medical procedure, there is a small chance that stem cells could cause the transmission of minor diseases, but it’s generally considered safe, as with any other medical procedure. Donor eligibility is carefully determined and the cells are tested, but this cannot completely rule out all possibility of disease transmission. This could include, but is not limited to transmission of serious diseases or infections, transmission of unknown infectious agents, or the immune rejection of, or allergic reaction to implanted cells.

Do you need special insurance to administer this to patients?

Basic malpractice insurance

What lab conditions do I need to store stem cell solutions?

  • CBC
  • CMP
  • UA
  • PT/INR
  • CEA
  • CA-125

What do your patients need to do prior to stem cell therapy?

  • Complete laboratory studies
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco use of any form
  • No more than one cup of coffee a day
  • Consider Nutraceutical therapy prior to infusion to increase stem cell therapy success

Do you offer clinical trials?


Are your solutions Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved?

Yes, we are FDA registered.

  • FDA Registered Cell and Tissue Bank # 3013913234
  • State Medical Laboratory License # 9777-LIC-0
  • CLIA-Laboratory Registration # 29D2142523

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