A New Level of Certainty

When other PCR labs only have 5-7 fungal species in their panel, how do you make a clinical decision when they’re all negative? Using NANOCYT, we have identified over 1,300 fungal species! When you get precise data of the causative microbes you can have confidence in your clinical treatment plan while raising your level of care with a higher standard of antibiotic stewardship. Truly targeted antimicrobial treatments can clear the infection faster.

Podiatry Benefits

NANOCYT’s sequences the codes of over 50,000 microbes to deliver accurate data for your clinical decision-making to target the species causing the infection with DNA guided certainty. We have received over 10,000 nail samples and our diagnostics show that less than 45% of nails are infected by fungus.  Therefore, 55% of nail samples showed only bacterial species within the infection. 

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