Biotherapeutic Solutions for Today’s Healing

  • Do you suffer from stiff and aching joints?
  • Would rejuvenation of inflexible tendons bring relief?
  • Do your ligaments and cartilage need attention to make things like walking easier?
  • Are you suffering from repetitive injuries to tendons, muscles, ligaments or cartilage while working out?
  • Want an effective solution to speed healing without painful surgery or slow healing time?

At EUCYT, we offer a robust line of stem cell options that reduce the number of surgical procedures required to assist your body in healing itself. Our team of medical professionals are dedicated to the study of human stem cells, which allows for our creation of innovative stem cell solutions geared specifically to your needs.

EUCYT Biotherapeutic Products

  • EuFill™

    Micronized Bioactive Tissue


    Placental Allograft Patch

  • OsteoFlow™

    Viable Bone Allograft

  • OsteoGel™

    Viable Bone Matrix

  • VidaCord™

    Umbilical Cord Patch with Wharton’s Jelly

  • VidaFill™

    Allograft Tissue Matrix

  • VidaFlow™

    Amniotic Fluid

  • Xosomes™

    Intraluminal Vesicle

  • Excellagen™

    Type I Collagen

  • PleXOcyt™

    Autologous Aspirate Stem Cells

  • ProCyt™

    Extracellular Vesicles

Why EUCYT Is Better

EUCYT’s headquarters is in the heart of Las Vegas and boasts more than 11,000-square-feet of lab and research space. As a fully Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- and CLIA-registered laboratory and research clinic, EUCYT offers something most competitors can’t. We do everything in-house, thereby preventing any cross-contamination during collection, shipping, and handling of your stem cells. Other companies use third parties to process and store cells which leads to a greater likelihood of contamination. At EUCYT, we’re the only fully integrated lab handling your stem cells and offer both autologous and allogenic regenerative medicine solutions. With regenerative medicine, one size does not fit all. That is why we currently offer more than 10 stem-cell products that can address a patient’s individual healthcare needs.

Our vision is to create a robust line of stem cell options that help reduce the number of surgical procedures required to assist the body in healing itself. Our team of medical and scientific professionals are dedicated to the study of human stem cells, which allows for our creation of innovative solutions geared to you.

FDA-Registered Cell and Tissue Bank # 3013913234

State Medical Laboratory License # 9777-LIC-0

CLIA Laboratory Registration # 29D2142523

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