A New Level of Certainty

NANOCYT offers Orthopedics NANOCYT Sequencing, a superior diagnostic tool over culture and PCR detection methods. Our High Complexity Laboratory extracts the DNA of all the microbes within a sample and matches those sequence codes to all 50,000+ known microbial species with a 99.9% accuracy rate. When you get precise data of the causative microbes you can have confidence in your clinical treatment plan while raising your level of care with a higher standard of antibiotic stewardship. Truly targeted antimicrobial treatments can clear the infection faster.

Aspiration in the Office

Culture is Negative / Other Lab values indicate infection

  • There is still a high percentage of aspirations that will be “inconclusive” with NANOCYT. Microbes form biofilms on the tissue and hardware. The biofilm will shed fragments off the community. We need to have those microbes in the fluid.
  • The more fluid volume we receive, the higher the probability we will find enough DNA reads.
  • Minimum volume required is 2ml.
  • Maximum volume (3) 10ml vials.

I&D Washout

NANOCYT provides more accurate identification of multiple species.

  • Allowing for more targeted antimicrobial selection post op.
  • Provides the species identification to use if a revision is required. Antibiotic selection for cement spacer is targeted to the correct species detected.
  • Sample from as much surface area as possible.
  • Avoid pus and nonviable material.


  • Samples taken for NANOCYT provide species identification to make targeted post op antibiotic selection.
  • During revision, antimicrobial selection for spacers is based on accurate species detected in prior sample collection (washout or aspiration sample reports).

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