A Simple and Safe Finance Option

Do you think receiving stem cell treatments or storing your child’s birth tissue is unaffordable?  EUCYT Clinics and EUCYT offers the simplest and safest regenerative medicine financing available in the industry. EUCYT provides interest-free financing for all your stem cell needs.
EUCYT Clinics allows you to receive your stem cell treatments at our location with a minimum down payment of $1,500.00 and
an interest-free monthly payment.  Financing terms are between six (6) to sixty (60) months.

EUCYT allows you to store your child’s birth tissue for the future well-being of your family.  Your child’s birth tissue
will be stored in EUCYT’s freezer and is available to you whenever you need it.
To receive more information about the cost
and how to store your child’s birth tissue or how to finance your stem cell treatments please
contact one of our associates at 702-776-4114 or submit an inquiry on our “Contact Us” page.